Dear Colleague, 

As the 2023 president of the National Rehabilitation Association, I want to strongly encourage you to fill out this yearly report. 

You will note that we have included Chapters, Regions, and Divisions this year. Let me explain the reasoning and functionality behind this change. I don’t have to tell any of you how important communication is, from the national leadership out to members and from the members back to the national leadership. This report facilitates this communication at the various levels of the association. We have eliminated the redundancy from past versions, so you can complete this as easily as possible, while providing us the key information we need to serve you better. Once we have this information, it will be posted so members can contact their leadership, based on their individual needs. 

Thank you for your cooperation, as we work to improve the benefits of the National Rehabilitation Association.


Paul Barnes

2023 President, National Rehabilitation Association 

[email protected]

Annual Report year ending 2022

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